Ireland Baldwins Mom, Kim Basinger, Commented On This Thirst Trap, And Its Every Mom – BuzzFeed

Listen, we all love a good thirst trap every now and then. I post them, you post them, and, of course, model Ireland Baldwin posts them.

The thing is: Her family all follows her on social media, so they often comment on these posts. Can you imagine??

One time, her dad, Alec Baldwin, commented on this thirst trap:

Another time, her dad AND her uncle commented on THIS thirst trap:

So with Ireland’s most recent pic — which she captioned “the type uh girl you take home 2 mother” — her mom commented.

YUP! Ireland’s mom, actor Kim Basinger, commented this:

Honestly, my mom, your mom, or any mom on Instagram.

And for the people who tried to make it deep and call out Kim for lightly teasing her daughter, Kim responded:

And Ireland is here for it, too, so everyone dragging Kim can chill:

So here’s to thirst traps and mom comments. Bye!

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