Army Of The Deads cast on “sexy AF” Tig Notaro and why zombie horses are the worst – The A.V. Club

A great wave Twitter thirst occurred when the Army Of The Dead trailer dropped earlier this spring, and not because of the movie’s topless zombie hordes. Rather, it was because of a particularly swaggy clip of Tig Notaro perched atop a helicopter, smoking a cigar. The internet lapped up the 50-year-old’s sexy stance, and Notaro responded in kind, posting a picture of her reacting to the reactions while wearing her drugstore-purchased reading glasses. But what did the rest of Army Of The Dead’s female cast think of #HotTig? We put the question to Notaro herself, as well as Ana de la Reguera, Nora Arnezeder, and Ella Purnell. We also asked the quartet about their own preparedness for a zombie apocalypse, and whether they found the very idea of a zombie horse as terrifying as we do. All that and more in the clip above.

Army Of The Dead is in theaters now, and will hit Netflix Friday, May 21.

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